ART Expo Ljubljana, a two-weeks-long cultural event, which took place in September 2017, was some sort of an introduction to what Institute Atelje Art Murn International is preparing on Slovenian ground in the future. During the 1. ART Expo Ljubljana, 142 artists from 15 different countries presented their artworks. ART Expo presents the whole concept of the AAMI platform and is the biggest event of this sort in Slovenia, which connects different branches of art – from noted to aspiring artists. 2. ART Expo Ljubljana will definitely be an improved version of the first one as many more aspiring and excellent Slovenian and foreign artists, galleries, companies and also foreign embassies will join in.

All creators, who would want to present their work to a wider audience are welcome to join the AAMI ART Expo story and by that to upgrade their ascending artistic career, since we expect around 10.000 visitors in 5 days. Our job is to help you by providing you the best conditions for your self-presentation.

The main happening of the upcoming ART Expo will be positioned in the Steklena Hall at Ljubljana Exhibiton and Convention Centre, where each exhibitor will have the option of setting up his own exhibiting surface including a wall and presentational space. From 12th to 16th of September 2019 around 300 domestic and foreign creators will be able to present their talent during an intense arts and culture happening. Authors from different branches of art are all invited to participate: painters, sculptors, fashion designers, graphic designers, industrial designers, costume designers, dancers, poets, writers, actors and directors etc. ART Expo will therefore take place at Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre and in BTC City Ljubljana. The events at the latter location will include individual exhibitions, concerts, fashionshows, artistic lectures and workshops. We are most pleased that we can arrange a spot among the best also to less known and established aspiring artists. The choice of exhibiting artists will be selective, therefore we ask you to send your portfolio to: [email protected] in order to apply.

It was proven many times before that Ljubljana is an artistic and cultural metropolis. People are starting to appreciate art and culture more and more in the hectic and chaotic modern way of life. Institute AAMI believes that visiting such an event can present the perfect getaway from reality, during which a person can enjoy beauty, aesthetics and original art of our exhibitors, which receive all the media and business support as well. We are well aware of the problem with art being allegedly an uninteresting branch of business. Therefore we offer artists a chance to make new business acquaintances, present themselves in the media, seize new opportunities and market their best products and by that prove that art can be turned into a profitable business as well. We kindly invite you to join us on our path of breaking boundaries of art and presenting the best Slovenian and foreign artists.