ART Expo Ljubljana is one of the largest cultural events in Slovenia and the only one, which is organized on such an extensive international level. The 1. ART Expo Ljubljana took place in September 2017 in a slightly different form than the following version. 142 artists from 15 different countries presented their artworks during a 14-day-event, which was set-up in an “art village” in BTC City Ljubljana. Since the event is being organized biannually, the 2. ART Expo Ljubljana will take place in September 2019. The concept of this year`s event is different, although the mission of the event stays the same – we aim to help those artists who have not had the opportunity to exhibit until now, while further promoting the already recognized and established creators and offering them media and business support.

The purpose of the event is to bring together a large number of artists, both domestic and foreign and this year`s numbers certainly exceed the anticipated result – more than 350 artists from over 30 countries will be exhibiting their artworks at the event! Whereas the 1. ART Expo Ljubljana was designed as an “art village”, this year`s event will take place on two locations. The main location, where most participating exhibitors (artists, embassies, companies) will showcase their artworks and products in individual or joint corners, will be at the Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre – more specifically in the “Steklena” hall. The second location of the event will be BTC City Ljubljana, where several individual exhibitions and other performances will take place as well. Dividing the event into two locations is definitely a bald move, but this way we will offer the visitor a more versatile experience and leave a stronger impression with two slightly different concepts of artist`s representation.

Continuing the philosophy of the 1. ART Expo Ljubljana, we encourage artists to also become businessmen in order to efficiently promote and, ultimately, sell their artworks or other products. The mission of ART Expo Ljubljana project is to show the creative power and potential of Slovenia and enhance the image and stature of the current art scene in Slovenia as well as in the central and southern European region. In order to present all possible sorts and disciplines of art, we will host painters, sculptors, photographers, graphic designers, industrial designers, fashion designers, actors, dancers, musicians and many other creative artists at the event.

Each version of the ART Expo Ljubljana will be bigger and better as we are getting more experienced with every year and so we can see a huge development in terms of the size, quality, value and content of the event, comparing to the first one. This is a normal process of project evolution, but we are still sticking to our primary goal of promoting arts and culture, helping emerging as well as established artists and bringing art closer to the public. The event is becoming more and more international and our vision is to become equal to the biggest art exhibitions and fairs in the future. ART Expo Ljubljana was created with the intent to offer artists media exposure, new contacts and potential business opportunities and we are looking forward to seeing the success of our exhibitors!