AAMI Expo screen offers the possibility of promotion with the help of digital presentation that ensures the appearance of your artworks on the most exposed parts of the ART Expo. Your artwork will be presented digitally several times a day on four large screens, located at the entrances and meeting points.

Expo screens will be installed at the main entrance, at the entrance to the VIP lounge, next to the stage and in the so-called living room, a gathering place for daily socializing of visitors and artists. Each ad impression lasts 5s. Your ad will be shown 4 times per hour and is, during the event, guaranteed a minimum of 160 impressions. We offer three advertising options:

S advertising: 27 EUR + VAT = 1 work (4 x per hour / 160 impressions)

M advertising: 37 EUR + VAT = 2 parts (8 x per hour / 320 impressions)

L advertising: 47 EUR + VAT = 3 works (12 x per hour / 480 impressions)

The banner will consist of the author’s name and surname, the title of the work, the dimensions and price of the work and author’s contact information.